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Miembro desde Marzo 11, 2021

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"I am an enthusiastic person, self-taught, dreamer and with great skills, the people always tell me that I'm a fast learner but I guess when you really enjoy doing something, when it's your passion - everything goes easy and fast."

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Sobre mi:

It is essential to be aware that studies go far beyond what is taught in a classroom. I conceive the study as an activity of constant mental exercise, so it is key. to study what we feel passionate about and fascinates us.

#ReactJS #NodeJS #Golang #AWS

Historia laboral:

-I was working as React Frontend for a start up Company. (Saltalá SPA - Chile)

-I was working as Tech lead (Golang and Node js backend developer) at influencer marketing company. (Haip SPA - Chile)

-I was working as React Developer at multinational company (Cencosud S.A - Chile)

- Currently am working as Software engineer in MSCI KFT. (Hungary)

- Currently working as Freelancer with PMS consulting SPA. (integration of payment gateway for many hotels chains using Node js)

Around 6 years of experience and still learning and improving my skill, now from another continent.

Muestra de mis trabajos:


Inglés : Nivel intermedio

Español : Lengua Materna

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